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My FUTO Story - #16

My stay in FUTO can be summarized in two words; Failing forward. I didn't know much fame in school but majority of people who knew me felt I was successful. What they refused to realize was that behind every single success is a multitude of failures.

A typical example was my failure in trying to secure admission into a Computer science department. This had me writing JAMB for four times. Four years is no four days or weeks. When, FUTO offered me an admission to study Agricultural Economics, I jumped at the offer. Leaving my dreams of computer science and ABU Zaria to gravity.

I know I should have been happy with my admission, but I felt unfulfilled.  The dream of studying computer science somehow found a way to defeat gravity. I needed good grades to effect a transfer in FUTO and if that was not possible, I was going to re-take JAMB to try my luck in University of Nigeria Nsukka. Like my first four attempts were not traumatic enough for me. I studied so hard that there was no hiding place in FUTO that I am unaware of.

I barely made the second class upper division required to effect departmental transfer. But I wasnt successful at it unlike my fellow comrades who got into departments such as Financial management, Civil Engineering etc.  
I decided to move forward and make best of the situation. A decision I will never regret.

My second year was activity filled. I entered for various competitions and did not win. Another failure, from which I emerged stronger. I had applied for Unilever ideatrophy, fought the good fight to ensure the semi-finals of the competition was hosted in FUTO. But yet, I did not even make the short list. That was really a bummer, but it did not deter me from applying for another edition.

It was also in this year that I was part of the Enactus FUTO team who won the SIFE (Enactus) National competition and represented the country in the United States. Due to the travelling arrangement I missed three semester exams which I had to rewrite the next year. I was called a fool for this but yet again there were no regrets.

We did not get to hoist the cup as winners but I had subconsciously won. Acquiring this passion to always strive for excellence.

My third year had me driving a truck full of FUTO exams, dealing with cult threats and other extracurricular activities. I missed my six months Industrial Training to participate in another competition which I did not win. This one came with bits of regret.

In 2015, I was a final year student taking risks with my project and grades. My project topic wasnt approved until late second semester. I was so scattered down to the boxers I wore to school (dont worry, they were always clean).  I ran for my first elective post and lost woefully. This almost severed the relationship I had with my HOD and gave me a security problem. Phew!

My five years in FUTO was an awesome experience.

Even with my fairly good result at the start, I finished with a huge smile on my lips. I missed Ideatrophy but won SIFE/Enactus Nigeria competition with my team in my second year. The cultist who once threatened me, became a good friend. I got an A for the IT I didn't do (I hope no FUTO lecturer reads this as my results are being compiled). In my final year I not only won Ideatrophy, but also passed my project like a boss.

The greatest takeaway from this experience were the relationships I built. The good, the bad and the ugly. I had a formation for exams. We were so bad that we used telepathy to communicate. I acquired world changing friends and became the man I am today.

I may have failed severally in FUTO, but I failed forward into success.

  Franklyn Iheanachor fondly called Fabian is a tall guy who is afraid of heights. How ironic. He is a die-hard Chelsea fan who misses playing football and engaging in banters with his lodge guys. He hates FUTO practicals and always dodged his farm practice (please come and arrest him). He loves politics but he somehow always indirectly denies it. He likes reading self-help books and has an uncanny desire to drink garri in the wee hours of the morning. Fabian is a professional trekker and can be seen often trekking on Eziobodo-FUTO road in his blue Unilever shirt.


  1. Lol....

    Typical FUTO student... The formation part made me laugh... For real, you guys communicate without talking!

  2. Lol....

    Typical FUTO student... The formation part made me laugh... For real, you guys communicate without talking!

  3. lol, mac-fabian I got to know you very late 😢 (your finals) but it's been like knowing you all my life. you're a good man!


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