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My FUTO Story - #11

My story starts from my third year because of the challenges I faced. I was yet to make an ´A´ and I was really broke. My family at this time were having a financial setback.

I had needs and to meet those needs, I resorted to selling fashion items in IMSU and ALVAN. With the sales I was able to pay for some of my course registration and feed myself.

This period was Lenten season and as a catholic I needed to attend the Stations of the Cross. I had just #500 Naira with me which I was saving for my BCH303 registration. I decided to ask my boyfriend for #200 to see me through to church and the weekend, promising to pay back when I collect my debtors. He totally ignored me and I felt embarrassed to keep asking.
When his friends came around, they heard me asking him again and one of them said

So, you still dem still dey give you money for church? Oya, come collect offering money.

I walked to STACC that day in tears, crying throughout the program and on my way home. I slept off fully clothed, tired from exhaustion and frustration.

The next day being Saturday, I cheered myself up with a delicious pot of Jollof rice and awaited the next meal. I was copying my notes when my dad called me to inform me about the 200USD a cousin of mine sent for my schooling.
I was ecstatic. My joy knew no bounds. I went to my caretakers shop and got myself a bottle of Pepsi- orobo and downed it with my special Jollof delicacy.

My first stop on Monday was the bank.
I was able to register all my courses, photocopy materials and focus on my studies without worries. The only way I deemed fit to thank God was by studying hard. When the results came out, I made an ´A´ in only two courses but it was a start. I was sure that it was the beginning of better things to come.

This experience taught me never to depend on me. But importantly, that God sees the deepest part of our heart even when we can put our thoughts into words. He provides for our needs and He asks for in return is for us to obey His commandments.

I became a better individual and graduated with a good result. The future may be scary but with God on my side. I will emerge as a conqueror.

Doris Atuogu loves watching movies, reading novel and many other usual hobbies. She loves to dance and says that in her next world she would challenge Kaffy to dance-off. She doesnt like disappointments, quarrels and gossips. She has a phobia for thunder and has been reported to wet her pants during thunderstorms. Maybe Marvel would make her a comic book superhero or erm Villain. She loves Orobo Pepsi and prays to be the first Akwakuma girl to visit the moon.


  1. Nice piece Consy! I really would love to visit the moon someday as the First Nigerian woman! Lol!

  2. God s indeed great.


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